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Future Tenants

Whether you are local to the area or plan to relocate, we are here to help! At Turnkey Property Management we understand that relocating within the city or across the nation can be difficult and stressful. This is why we strive to make renting a home through us one of the easiest aspects of your relocation.


  • Our experts can help you navigate the area and locate the best property that meets your needs
  • From application to lease signing, the entire process can be completed electronically
  • Communication is key! We provide prompt responses to ensure you receive the information needed to make a decision. 
  • We would love to discuss how we might be of service to you! Please contact us by phone at 919-589-1350 or by email at management@turnkey-pm.com.

Current Tenants

Paying Rent

  • A friendly reminder that rent is due on the 1st day of each month. 
  • Rent must be paid in full by midnight on the 5th of each month to avoid incurring late fines.
  • We do NOT accept cash payments. 
  • Make all rent checks payable to: Turnkey Property Management, LLC.
  • A $35 returned check fee plus, in most situations, a 5% late fee will be assessed on all insufficient funds (NSF) checks. 
  • Rent checks received without the property address notated may result in late fees.

In Case of Emergencies

  • EMERGENCY REQUESTS: Call/Text (919) 306-3169.
    • Water leak of ANY kind—If there is a water leak, please turn off the water at main valve (usually in coat closet or pantry in newer homes) and then call/text (919) 306-3169.
    • Sewage backup, 
    • Smoke
    • Odor of gas
    • Fire—Call fire department 
    • Lack of heat if exterior temperature is <32°. 
    • Broken garbage disposal or other appliance
    • Clogged toilet
    • No hot water 
    • No A/C, 
    • Refrigerator not cooling
    • Anything not listed above as an Emergency.
    • **NON-EMERGENCY CALLS WILL RESULT IN A $100 FINE and will NOT be accepted via telephone.**
  • Always check your breaker box and GFCI reset switches if you are experiencing electrical problems.